Monday, October 20, 2008

My only follower dorana

So I thought I would put her in the lime light of my blog LOL.

She has got a terrific shop on etsy and I hope a lot of people that my stumble upon my blog will stop in and check her shop out.

That reminds me I need to put my blog in stumble upon LOL.

So anyway back to Dorana. She also has started a GREAT thread to help people get noticed on etsy and give GREAT information on marketing you shop, how to run your etsy shop and even if you feeling low like I was not to long ago and is their for you and helps you feel a lot better about yourself.

I just wanted everyone to know how great she is and what a great shop she has. If I was a chatty person which I'm not I would type a whole page but instead I will just post pictures of her stuff. But that doesn't seem to want to let me so will have to update that later.

Cool got it to work finally. It helps if you look for that extra box that opens and you miss it LOL.
Plus you can click on the title to this post and it will take you to her shop so you can see some VERY pretty jewelry like earrings,bracelets and great stuff like that.

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Dorana said...

my dear friend! thank you SO much for all of your kind words and for thinking of me! you'll see that this will be something we laugh about when we're big names in the crafting world! :o) thank you for all of your love and support!

following you now and
siempre - dorana