Thursday, October 23, 2008


The son in law was going in the corn field behind the house with a bucket and its pitch dark mind you. Three rows in and I hear this bang (thinking what the hell was that) next I see him running grabbing the the big poll in the yard swing around that falling grabbing the pool solar cover rail falling trying to get up trying to say something and nothing is coming out of his mouth falling again finally makes it to me and tells me to get in their barn house and finally he tells me him and coyote were face to face.
It was price less now that its all over and nothing happen. His eyes were HUGE and he couldn't run cause he kept falling trying to get up fall get up trying to run.
OMG I'm still laughing about it.
We have about five of them right now but I heard their are about 20 around here in a pack.

The other morning at 4:30 they wake me up cause the killed something cross the street and they had to let everyone know. Man that was scary. They are getting way to close to the house.

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mattscraftywife said...

YIKES! Coyote!? Stay safe ;)