Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Field Corn

As in a pick up truck load of field corn . Ya took me 2 hours to unload the truck all by myself I might add. Put it in a make shift crib area so its not all rolling around on the ground.

I started to husk some of it till Ellen came on so had to come in a watch her.

Now my body is talking to me and telling what THE HECK did you just put me through. LOL

I'm so out of shape but the even if I was in shape and 20 years younger I think my body would still be Bitching at me about it. LOL

I'm hoping that I come out with about a months worth of corn for my corn burner which would save a lot. It goes through a big bag a day runnin 24/7 to heat the house.

It smells really good outside when the wind blows the corn smell by you. Better then the wood smell.

Dang Ellen is almost over so that means I back out husking corn. LOL

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LazyTcrochet said...

Ohhh I wondered what the corn was for! I'm glad we were able to find wood for our stove. It snowed here yesterday already.