Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I just join this cool site

I just join this really cool site called weloveetsy. I even have friends all ready LOL.
I haven't look all over the site yet but what I have done so far I love it.
I'm going to try and put my slide show on here to see how it looks so I hope it works.
Well couldn't get the slide show to work DARN IT :))

But it is a cool site and see a lot of etsy people are their.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


The son in law was going in the corn field behind the house with a bucket and its pitch dark mind you. Three rows in and I hear this bang (thinking what the hell was that) next I see him running grabbing the the big poll in the yard swing around that falling grabbing the pool solar cover rail falling trying to get up trying to say something and nothing is coming out of his mouth falling again finally makes it to me and tells me to get in their barn house and finally he tells me him and coyote were face to face.
It was price less now that its all over and nothing happen. His eyes were HUGE and he couldn't run cause he kept falling trying to get up fall get up trying to run.
OMG I'm still laughing about it.
We have about five of them right now but I heard their are about 20 around here in a pack.

The other morning at 4:30 they wake me up cause the killed something cross the street and they had to let everyone know. Man that was scary. They are getting way to close to the house.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Field Corn

As in a pick up truck load of field corn . Ya took me 2 hours to unload the truck all by myself I might add. Put it in a make shift crib area so its not all rolling around on the ground.

I started to husk some of it till Ellen came on so had to come in a watch her.

Now my body is talking to me and telling what THE HECK did you just put me through. LOL

I'm so out of shape but the even if I was in shape and 20 years younger I think my body would still be Bitching at me about it. LOL

I'm hoping that I come out with about a months worth of corn for my corn burner which would save a lot. It goes through a big bag a day runnin 24/7 to heat the house.

It smells really good outside when the wind blows the corn smell by you. Better then the wood smell.

Dang Ellen is almost over so that means I back out husking corn. LOL

Monday, October 20, 2008

My only follower dorana

So I thought I would put her in the lime light of my blog LOL.

She has got a terrific shop on etsy and I hope a lot of people that my stumble upon my blog will stop in and check her shop out.

That reminds me I need to put my blog in stumble upon LOL.

So anyway back to Dorana. She also has started a GREAT thread to help people get noticed on etsy and give GREAT information on marketing you shop, how to run your etsy shop and even if you feeling low like I was not to long ago and is their for you and helps you feel a lot better about yourself.

I just wanted everyone to know how great she is and what a great shop she has. If I was a chatty person which I'm not I would type a whole page but instead I will just post pictures of her stuff. But that doesn't seem to want to let me so will have to update that later.

Cool got it to work finally. It helps if you look for that extra box that opens and you miss it LOL.
Plus you can click on the title to this post and it will take you to her shop so you can see some VERY pretty jewelry like earrings,bracelets and great stuff like that.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 Years

Well today is my 7th wedding anniversary.

Take the hub to Red Lobster today. Had a gift card from last year or I wouldn't be able to afford it.

So looking forward to eating their. I love those rolls and that cheese bread bowl they have.

I can't believe I have remember to blog today. Well I wouldn't have but I seen a thread on etsy about if you blog today LOL so I thought I would blog today.

I did open a new shop the other day
Not sure how well it will do but it is free so thought I would give it a try. Not to thrilled about how you set it up but after you get use to it I guess its not bad.

I hope it takes off so I can have another place to put my handmade items and won't have to pay fees unless you want to. The listings only last 30 days but for free that's pretty cool.
They haven't been open that long so I know it will take time to get people shopping their.

I will still stay at etsy but I learn way back not to put all your eggs in one basket.

So if you read my blog stop by and have a look see. I only have 3 items listed so far but will be listing more.

I think I read where they will be advertising a lot real soon so that's a plus.

Well dang ended up typing more then I thought I would LOL.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Free shipping

I'm having free shipping in the USA only at my etsy shop. Oct. 18-19,2008

Anything in my shop except the Side walk sale section which has all ready been slashed in prices will have free shipping. Just wait for a new invioce through paypal or you can pay and I can refund the shipping cost which ever is easiest for you.

You could get free shipping on this cool paperweight with read crab apple flowers in it.

The free shipping in my shop is only for this weekend 10/18/08 and 10/19/08.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What to blog about

I hope I can remember to blog here. I have so many all ready that I forget what ones I haven't posted on LOL.

But it seems like every one is blogging here so maybe that will help me to remember to post here.

I have a etsy shop if you would like to stop by and check it out.

Later I will post some new items when I make them that will go in my etsy shop.

I have been selling on etsy for almost 2 years now. Wow has that gone by fast.
I love the site and the people their.