Friday, July 31, 2009

The figure 8

Well been super busy so didn't post a new blog post in a long time. Been going to school in hopes to find a new job next spring. With any luck the job market around here will be better. But enough of that and on to the good stuff.

My son in law was in his first figure 8 and we all had a blast. The video is of the 2nd heat which you get to go into if your car still runs after the first heat and didn't win. I think the first time he came in 4th and the 2nd time came in 4 or fifth. Its so hard to keep track when trying to film and scream at the same time LOL. This video my husband took with our camera. I had the video camera which we don't have that load on the computer yet. But then with all the screaming and shaking I'm not sure it came out to good LOL.

The car will be in next years figure 8 because the engine is still good and so is the car.

One car their has been in for 7 years and man it look like it. The back end was so smashed you couldn't even tell what kind of car it was but it moved fast around the track and thats all that counts. I think the guy told Mike it use to be a cadillac. It look like a gremlin LOL.

I'll try to remember to blog more but don't count on it not much of a chatter box to remember to blog.