Sunday, November 23, 2008

My daughters shop on etsy

Yeap my daughter finally open a shop on etsy. I'm so excited that she has join that great group of people that hang out at etsy.

So many fine hand crafted items.

Here shop name is Kreation by Kristie just click on the name and it will take you to her newly open shop.

Right now she is doing soy tarts and small thank you cards. But more will come.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Zipper Wallets

Well its a great day when you have a special order for one of your items you make and they are going to a B&M place in Maine.

She ordered 24 of my large zipper wallets and I got them done way before I had quoted but then when you don't have a job anymore you have loads of time to get things like that done.

Anyway I listed them last night and she bought them this morning. I will be shipping them out in the morning cause the mail has all ready came here and can't get back into town to the post office.

I'm so excited I just had to blog about it plus post the pictures of the ones I made for her.

I hope I get to do it again. My family will enjoy it tons cause they get to eat all the stuff I had to empty in zip lock bags so I could have the labels. So now I have everyone I know saving bags of stuff so I can cut up the labels and use them the next time I get a big order. My family can only eat so much plus my counter can only hold so much LOL.

Yeap its a great day tater I'm still on cloud 9. Its just as much fun as when I won the sneak attack on this thread . Every Wed. a store is pick and anyone that wants to play buys just from that shop. It was the most I had ever sold in one shot and was up till 1am getting everything packaged up and ship out. Couldn't sleep anyway cause of being so excited LOL.

I wish the best for everyone that reads this blog and a ton of sales.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Stash of Scarves

Yeap I was looking for something else and came upon a bag of scarves I knitted a while ago when I was putting them in a shop in my home town and these never sold before I pulled out of the shop.

So I have now started to list them in my etsy shop.

This will be a short blog today cause Ellen is on and I have to watch her.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its a GREAT day

Why you ask cause its my Birthday LOL. To old to tell you what my age its but let just say I'm over 50.

So went out for breakfast with my daughter and her husband then went and got a load of stone for the drive way. Sounds like fine LOL well at least I don't have to put it in the drive. The boys are doing that for me.

Later this afternoon will be going to my mom's for a birthday dinner. My bother and sister and their family will be their to enjoy mom's Great ribs.

My son even called me yesterday. I think he thinks my birthday is the 7th LOL. That's ok at least he called. He lives in NC so don't get to see him anymore.

It is so cold here with the wind blowing and they are talking snow showers but it won't stick cause the ground is to warm yet. Thank God for that.

Everyone have a great day and a lot of sales on etsy today. Its my wish to you for my Birthday.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't forget to VOTE

I'm voting when my daughter gets home from work. She doesn't want to go by herself so I'll wait for her.

Did list some new items in my etsy shop. Its a purse organizer . I use them and just love it.

Plus been super busy with the truck load of corn we got out of the field that was cool. Driving up to the corn picker and have it empty a ton of corn really a ton of corn in my son in laws pick up. Yeah his truck can hold it LOL.

Built a box to store it in then had to run it all through a screen to get the red dog that's what they call the red stuff that flies in the air and reminds me of fish scales and other stuff you don't want burning in your corn burner. Took about 2 hours to get that unloaded. But its done and should have enough corn stored for about 3 months now. Then I get to do it all again joy joyLOL.

Plus help my son in law dry wall their barn/house because I felt bad that he help me so much over the weekend and didn't get anything done in their. I told them I would help hang the dry wall. Thank God its not a very big place LOL. We did get the kitchen done which runs into their living room and got most of that done. Now just have to finish around the stairs and then go up into the loft bedroom and drywall that. That I hope won't take to long even though a lot of stuff is still being stored in their so have to move that all out and put is some place. That's the kicker putting all that stuff some place LOL.

Will be busy again. Dang I have to find a job so I can rest.