Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't forget to VOTE

I'm voting when my daughter gets home from work. She doesn't want to go by herself so I'll wait for her.

Did list some new items in my etsy shop. Its a purse organizer . I use them and just love it.

Plus been super busy with the truck load of corn we got out of the field that was cool. Driving up to the corn picker and have it empty a ton of corn really a ton of corn in my son in laws pick up. Yeah his truck can hold it LOL.

Built a box to store it in then had to run it all through a screen to get the red dog that's what they call the red stuff that flies in the air and reminds me of fish scales and other stuff you don't want burning in your corn burner. Took about 2 hours to get that unloaded. But its done and should have enough corn stored for about 3 months now. Then I get to do it all again joy joyLOL.

Plus help my son in law dry wall their barn/house because I felt bad that he help me so much over the weekend and didn't get anything done in their. I told them I would help hang the dry wall. Thank God its not a very big place LOL. We did get the kitchen done which runs into their living room and got most of that done. Now just have to finish around the stairs and then go up into the loft bedroom and drywall that. That I hope won't take to long even though a lot of stuff is still being stored in their so have to move that all out and put is some place. That's the kicker putting all that stuff some place LOL.

Will be busy again. Dang I have to find a job so I can rest.

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