Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Zipper Wallets

Well its a great day when you have a special order for one of your items you make and they are going to a B&M place in Maine.

She ordered 24 of my large zipper wallets and I got them done way before I had quoted but then when you don't have a job anymore you have loads of time to get things like that done.

Anyway I listed them last night and she bought them this morning. I will be shipping them out in the morning cause the mail has all ready came here and can't get back into town to the post office.

I'm so excited I just had to blog about it plus post the pictures of the ones I made for her.

I hope I get to do it again. My family will enjoy it tons cause they get to eat all the stuff I had to empty in zip lock bags so I could have the labels. So now I have everyone I know saving bags of stuff so I can cut up the labels and use them the next time I get a big order. My family can only eat so much plus my counter can only hold so much LOL.

Yeap its a great day tater I'm still on cloud 9. Its just as much fun as when I won the sneak attack on this thread . Every Wed. a store is pick and anyone that wants to play buys just from that shop. It was the most I had ever sold in one shot and was up till 1am getting everything packaged up and ship out. Couldn't sleep anyway cause of being so excited LOL.

I wish the best for everyone that reads this blog and a ton of sales.

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Anonymous said...

They are very unique!