Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its a GREAT day

Why you ask cause its my Birthday LOL. To old to tell you what my age its but let just say I'm over 50.

So went out for breakfast with my daughter and her husband then went and got a load of stone for the drive way. Sounds like fine LOL well at least I don't have to put it in the drive. The boys are doing that for me.

Later this afternoon will be going to my mom's for a birthday dinner. My bother and sister and their family will be their to enjoy mom's Great ribs.

My son even called me yesterday. I think he thinks my birthday is the 7th LOL. That's ok at least he called. He lives in NC so don't get to see him anymore.

It is so cold here with the wind blowing and they are talking snow showers but it won't stick cause the ground is to warm yet. Thank God for that.

Everyone have a great day and a lot of sales on etsy today. Its my wish to you for my Birthday.

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fluffnflowers said...

Sounds like a pretty good day! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. :)