Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh the Holidays

Can't say that they were bad cause we got a Wii and had and having a ton of fun with guitar hero.
Can't wait to save up for the drum set we will ROCK well ok it sounds good LOL.

The crappy part of my holidays was all the water. Had a lot of water last spring so much I thought we were going to float away. So I decided its time to take care of it. So off to the store to buy tile for the yard 300ft of it. Your thoughts of expensive is right.

The son in law thank God knows who to run machines that can dig up your yard so saved on that just had to pay for renting the machine.

After two days of digging and then putting a hole in the foundation so the water has some place to go which now goes in the tile out in the yard all the way down to the so called ditch in my front yard. With any luck those tiles should take care of all the water I get in the side yard. We did figure out that some place their are broken tile and that's why my yard floods. This probably happen about 6 years back when they redid the road and covered up the tiles. That's how long my yard has been flooding. You might say I'm a little slow LOL.

Anyway after fixing that we found that the pipe from the front bathroom broke that went to the septic tank. CRAP is right LOL. This happen because of all the water and it moved my foundation wall which landed on the pipe.

Well that is now fix and with any luck again I won't have all that water going into my septic tank that was coming from under the house. We don't use that bathroom that much because I have to replace part of the floor what has rotted out because of water damage and haven't had the money to do that yet. Next on the list I thing. The list that just keep growing LOL.

Yeap its been a fun holiday NOT LOL but at least its done and we won't be swimming this spring.


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Megin said...

Oh gosh! That's a lot of work! I hope it pans out for you and what you fixed worked! I have to look into the Wii thing....have no idea what that is but everyone is talking about it. Guitar Hero is a hit item in the house. NO DRUMS!! aaack