Saturday, April 4, 2009

Been a While

Dang it has been a while posting on my blog.

So to make is short and sweet because so much has gone on and I won't have that much room LOL>

Went to the Bahamas yeap and had a blast even if it was COLD. I couldn't believe how cold it was. Sweat shirt all the time but did get in the water anyway. Now to get the pictures developed of the fish.
Road on segways dang that was so much. Wish I could buy one of those but you can't put them on the road so it wouldn't do me any good to have one. Put it in my car get it out in town run it around, heck might as well walk better for me.

Now its all most time to start my classes. Oh and just so you know I'm not looking forward to it either. I'm 54 done the college thing years back and now have to do it again. But at least I don't have to pay for it living in Michigan the have the no worker left behind and thats just what I am.
But will muck my way through it at least till I can find a job.

Well have to run and pick up the daughter from work. See ya on my next post.

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